Hannah Turner Wallis & Lawrence Daykin are interdisciplinary artists exploring the notion of collaboration. With backgrounds in performance art and design respectively, shared ideals led to a decision to make new work together.

60 Times We Spoke Of is a performance piece that intends to engage and communicate with the audience by inviting them to join the artists in conversation and play. The interaction from each participant acts as allegory to the importance of connection in everyone’s lives.

Wool is used as a medium for playful, spontaneity, provoking an inherent need for collaborative movement. The thread implies a cycle of the continuity of human contact.

Collaboration is Connection.

Connection is Communication.

Communication is Collaboration.

Cyriak Harris’s ‘brain-spill’ style may have suggested that creating an indie-band performance video might be a challenge too far. Well, so much for that theory. The After Effects magician-genius, gets hold of Bloc Party and deconstructs the heck out of their performance of Ratchet - until he just about redefines the performance video.

We shouldn’t really be surprised at what Cyriak can do, but it’s still jawdropping. And Cyriak actually used existing Bloc Party performance footage as the basis of his work (mainly from Nova Dando’s video last year for Octopus). A brilliant example of music video recycling.